Our workshops are designed by students to be engaging and challenging for children of all ages. The team are constantly taking on feedback, and exploring new ideas. Meaning no two Robogal's workshops will be quite the same.

Our workshops are completely free. They are run by volunteers and our operating costs are covered by our sponsors.

It's not just robotics; we do coding, science, engineering and more! Tailored to your needs.

We own a suite of programmable lego mindstorm robots we use to run our workshops.

We are also investing in new technology, adding rasperry pi computers and new robots to our catalogue.

Over 1000 young people reached in two years.

Since being founded by University of Sussex students in 2014, Robogals Sussex have delivered over 30 workshops to young people from across the county.

And we are just a small part of a larger organisation. Find out more about the global operations of Robogals by visiting their website here.

We recently took part in a Making Choices event hosted by the Widening Participation team at the University of Sussex. Our feedback showed 96% of young people taking part found the event interesting. With 87% saying they found it enjoyable and fun.

100% of partipants said they learnt something new about robotics. With 63% actively curious to learn more about the subject.

“I have learnt that Robotics isn’t as complicated as most people think it is”
A student from the Making Choices workshop.

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If you would like to arrange a workshop with us, please click the button below and fill out the form. A representative will be in contact within a week to arrange the details.

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